Cartier Roadster Item History/Description

The Cartier Roadster is a classic to say the least. This isn’t hard to see when you take into account the fact that Cartier have often been associated with quality watchmaking for the past couple of decades, and they have continued to surpass every expectation that their customers have of them. Cartier has often been associated with providing jewelry to royalty and they have also supplied very fine watches to the general public as well.

The company that created Cartier was established in 1847. Ever since then, they have become a global success and they have achieved so much over the last couple of years as well. They have contemporary designs and they also have a sense of continuity in terms of the style they have to offer so this continues to add to the value of the brand in general. The brand is located in Paris and they also have bases in Tokyo, London and even New York.

 So where did the Roadster come from?

The Roadster takes a lot of design features from motor racing during the 50’s and for that reason, you will find that it has a very sturdy and practical build. There are a lot of different watches in this collection and some of them can retail for thousands. The watches in this collection are also very masculine and they are ideal for those who want to have a lot of options when it comes to their straps as well. If you wanted to go for the extra large model, you will find that this is made out of oxidized steel and that the company manufactures all of the internal mechanisms themselves as well and this is one of the many things that helps them to stand out when compared to other brands on the market.

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